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Water Recycling System
  Welcome to the world of Aqua Solutions 'Water Recycling System'.  
  The world's water is a finite and precious resource. It is continually used and reused in the water cycle.  
Water Recycling System     The water piped into our homes is collected from rivers, reservoirs, springs or wells. We use large amounts everyday for a variety of   purposes from drinking and cleaning to washing and cooking. Whenever we use water in our homes, offices, schools and factories we   add impurities that potentially affect future uses of that water and may damage the environment that depends on it.
Water Recycling System     A famous quote says that 'Wastage is not a Wastage till the time you are not Wasting it'. On the same principles if we decide and   deploy Water Water Recycling System scientifically WE CAN PURIFY THE WATER WHICH WE HAVE ALREADY USED FOR WASHING OR COOKING   OR OTHER PURPOSES SO THAT THIS WATER CAN BE REUTILISED FOR OUR UTILITY PURPOSES.
Water Recycling System     We consider Waste Water as a possible Water Source. Much of the water used by homes, industries, and businesses can be treated   and recycled for reuse. Waste Water is a combination of the liquid and water carried wastes, removed from domestic, institutions,   commercial and industrial establishments together with surface / ground / storm water.
Water Recycling System     The use of waste water recycled requires a proper sustainable & manageable approach. The Value of recovery and reuse much more   than what is apparent!
Water Recycling System     Looking at the Asia's future demand's rise in respect water needs in urban areas; recycling is crucial.
Water Recycling System     The recycled water can be safely well utilized for uses like Washing surfaces, flushing; use in gardening, parks etc., Industrial purposes   which is a major source of water consumption, Commercial Premises, Organisations, Companies, Individuals, Agricultural uses etc.
Water Recycling System     Globally this concept is being used as an effective solution for water scarcity
Water Recycling System   Excellent Global examples are obtained from US (West) California, MENA region (Middle East & North African countries) where there is an acute water scarcity and treated waste water is of significant value. Typical illustrative cases are those of - Israel, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and China.
Water Recycling System   When we talk about Indian Scenario for Water Scarcity it's The Challenge.
  Water Recycling System   More & more urbanization (40% + ...?)
  Water Recycling System   Growing population (that could perhaps stabilize by 2050) (1.6 billion..+)
  Water Recycling System   Water Scarcity has become a major issue of concern as on date also
Water Recycling System     India's Water :-
Water Recycling System   The Impending Crisis & the Challenge
Water Recycling System   Per Capita Water Availability
  1951 - 5177 Cubic meters per annum
  2001 - 1869 Cubic meters per annum
  2025 - 1341 Cubic meters per annum
  2050 - 1140 Cubic meters per annum
Water Recycling System   There is a rapid increase in demand for water in various sectors
  2000 - 634 Cu.m per person
  2025 - 822 Cu.m per person
Water Recycling System   More & More basins are moving from Water stress to Water Scarce conditions
  Water Recycling System
Water Recycling System     Aqua Water Solutions is proud to provide quality services for Recycling the Water.
Water Recycling System     Increasing population and increased demand for water would render many of the river basins as water scarce by 2025 i.e. per capita   availability would be reduced to less than 1000 cubic meter. To prevent such scarcity from overtaking large parts of the country we need   to take steps to conserve water. Recycling is the best option as we are reutilizing the utilized resulting in use of this source optimum.
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