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Water Filtration System
  Welcome to the world of clean and hygenic water for Human Consumption  
Water Filtration System   Water is rererred as a synonym to life.
Water Filtration System   Water scarecity is the problem for which India is striving hard to find solution.
Water Filtration System   Most diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Gastro, etc. are water borne diseases.
Water Filtration System Lot of water is being wasted being not desirable to be used for human consumption.

An effective solution to over come the problem of Water scarecity is 'Rain Water Harvesting', but the water saved using this way is not advisable for human consumption. Water Filtration is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, materials and biological contaminants from raw water which might have been saved using Rain Water Harvesting sort of methods as well. The goal is to produce water fit for a specific purpose. Most water is purified for human consumption (drinking water) but water purification may also be designed for a variety of other purposes, including meeting the requirements of medical, pharmacology, chemical and industrial applications. In general the methods used include physical process such as filtration and sedimentation, biological processes such as slow sand filters or activated sludge, chemical process such as flocculation and chlorination and the use of electromagnetic radiation such as ultraviolet light.
The purification process of water reduces the concentration of particulate matter including suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi; and a range of dissolved and particulate material derived from the surfaces that water may have made contact with after falling as rain.
Aqua Solutions has developed scientific methods using modern machineries etc. to achieve this result.

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  Water Filtration System  
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