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Tank Cleaning System
  Welcome to the world of clean and hygenic water for Human Consumption  
Tank Cleaning system   Water is very important for all human beings for their survival and health
Tank Cleaning system   Water is mainly used for cooking food, washing vegetables, cleaning floors, bathing and most importantly for DRINKING apart from other uses
Tank Cleaning system   Most diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Gastro, etc. are water borne diseases.
  Tank Cleaning System - Uses of Water
Tank Cleaning System - Water Supplied to Residential Places  
Tank Cleaning system   Filtered water is supplied by Municipal Corporation at a particular time in a day.
Tank Cleaning system   This water is stored in an underground water tank
Tank Cleaning system   The water is then pumped to overhead tanks for regular supply to each household
Tank Cleaning system   These underground and overhead storage tanks are the main source of water contamination
Tank Cleaning system   This contaminated water is supplied to each household
Tank Cleaning system   The contaminated water containing various germs, bacteria, pollutants and suspended particles is consumed by human beings
Tank Cleaning system   The water used for drinking purpose may be filtered using conventional tap filters or by using costly electrically operated water filters
Tank Cleaning system   It has been proved that conventional tap filters only remove some suspended particles and is ineffective to remove germs, Bacteria, etc.
Tank Cleaning system   Costly electrically operated filters are often rendered useless due to improper and irregular maintenance
Tank Cleaning system   Hence filtering the water in individual household does not remove all the germs, bacteria, pollutants, suspended particles, etc; from the water that is consumed by human beings.
  Tank Cleaning System - Water Filter
Children Health Issues   Spending on Medicines   Adult Health Issues
  Tank Cleaning system   At some places the underground and overhead water tanks are cleaned manually  
  Tank Cleaning system   The tanks are normally cleaned by hiring a local sweeper, a casual labour or a plumber.  
  Tank Cleaning system   This labour cleans the tanks with a brush or a broom which may have been used earlier for cleaning the gutters and toilets. Then he scrubs the walls and floors manually but never cleans the ceiling of the water tank.  
  Tank Cleaning system   After this, he physically removes dirty water and the sludge from the tank using a bucket, mug and then he mops the tank. He may use bleaching powder or detergent for cleaning the tank which is harmful for human health. This process is very difficult and the cleaning is very ineffective.  
  Tank Cleaning system   Even after cleaning the water tank manually, the disease causing bacteria and germs still remains in the tank. These residual bacteria and germs increase multifold in numbers as the conditions in the water tank is suitable for their breeding, thus making the water very risky for human consumption.  
  Tank Cleaning system   The people who normally do these cleaning jobs are untrained workers, who usually do not have any sense of personal hygiene and they themselves could be the major source of contamination of the water in the tank.  
  Tank Cleaning system   Against all above serious disadvantages of the present conventional method for cleaning the tanks, the only advantage which we think probably is, the cheaper costs of such unprofessional cleaning. But actually it is not so. If one has to think of the long term serious repercussions and consequences of the present conventional way of cleaning, it could definitely prove to be more costly in terms of ill-health and other serious medical problems of the people who consumes water from such unprofessionally cleaned tanks.  
    So, how to provide Safe and Hygienic water ????  
  Tank Cleaning System  
Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System 
 Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System Tank Cleaning System  Tank Cleaning System 
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