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Data to be submitted for deciding potential of Rain Water Harvesting
A) Present Mode of water supply
1) Present Source of water Supply :
  a. Municipal Corporation
  b. Water Tankers
  c. Bore Well
2) Present Quantity of Water Available :
3) Actual Demand Of Water :
B)  Details of the Location where Rain Water Harvesting is to be done :
  1) Total Area of the Plot :
  2) Area of Terraces :
  3) Area of Paved Surface :
  4) Area of Unpaved Surface :
C)  Existing Borewell Details:
1) Do you have an existing Borewell in your premises :-
2) The Existing Borewell operates  at What Depth :-
3) What quality of water is available from existing Borewell :-
D)  Details of the Location where Rain Water Harvesting is to be done :
1) Site Plan showing buildings, paved areas, green areas etc.
2) Terrace floor plan showing location at rain water downtake pipes
3) Plan Showing the location of existing borewell, Tubewells(if any)
4) Plan of Stored water drains with flow direction

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