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Water shortage has become a major social issue of concern. Water is the most essential commodity everybody is in need of but due to water scarcity we do face many problems. Rain Water Harvesting done in a systematic and scientific way can provide relief to all. Thru this system rain water is stored in aquifers during rainy season and the same can be utilised throughout the year. This harvested water can be used for various activities like washing clothes, washing utensils, washing floors, washing vehicles, gardening, wash rooms etc.
Aqua Solutions is company providing solutions for all Water Related Problems.
The man behind these great concepts is Mr. Ajay Madan Naik, B.E. (Mech), D. M. M.
Water Conservation has become a need of time in this world of shortage of Water. It’s not just our need but it’s our social responsibility leading to happier life for all to conserve water which can be further used by us. For Water Conservation ‘RAIN WATER HARVESTING’ is the effective solution.
Water is an integral part for all human beings for their survival and health. Most diseases like Cholera, Dysentry, Gastro etc. are water borne diseases caused by impurities in water.
The routine purification methods are not sufficient so for masses we have developeed scientific Tank Cleaning System which comprises of Skilled workers, Scientific methods and Ultra modern machineries to do the job perfectly providing totally clean, bacteria-free and safe for storing water for human consumption. We pride ourselves for being a part of this Cleaning and Conservating Movement for Water and welcome you all to world of healthier and purer life.
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  Rain Water Harvesting   Welcome to Aqua Solutions  
Water is very important for all human beings for their survival and health. These underground and overhead storage tanks are the main source of water contamination.This contaminated water is supplied to each household which causes number of diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Gastro etc. Even after cleaning the water tank manually, the disease causing bacteria and germs still remains in the tank. These residual bacteria and germs increase multifold in numbers as the conditions in the water tank is suitable for their breeding, thus making the water very risky for human consumption. So to get assured about hygienic water it's advisable to clean the tanks scientifically and systematically.
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The answer is very simple. Whosoever is in need of water, plenty of water, hygienic water should and can use our services. Our motto is to make plenty of water - pure water to be made available to everybody. But it is possible with your valuable co-operation.
A very little needs to be done as compared to the benefits you receive. No huge investments, neither huge time is needed. A systematic methodological approach towards the problem will solve the problem. Below given are the types of consumers who have been availing our services to make their life happier.
Aqua Solutions   Homes
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Aqua Solutions   Hospitals
Aqua Solutions   Malls
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Aqua Solutions   Corporate houses
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